Blouses blanches, étoiles jaunes

White Coats, Yellow Stars
Blouses blanches, étoiles jaunes

Bruno Halioua

What was the fate of Jewish doctors in France during World War II? What was the attitude of the profession, of the press, of medical schools? And how much responsability did the « Council of the Order of Doctors », created by Vichy, have in the exclusion of Jewish doctors? Bruno Halioua, doctor and historian, addresses these troubling questions.

  • Published on janvier 1st, 2003
  • 288 pages


“While maintaining a historian’s rigour, evident in the quality of his research, Bruno Halioua doesn’t hide behind a dubious neutrality. A salutary work, given the omertà regarding the ‘white coats’ during the pestilence of the Brown Shirts." Le Monde