Walks in Historic Paris

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Paris, you said? Which one? The Paris of Napoleon III which proudly stands on Haussmann’s avenues? The Paris of the Middle Ages which modestly nestles in the narrow streets of the Rive Gauche and the Marais? Paris, the capital, lives on, adding new facettes as the centuries go by. The objective of this work is to provide an intinerary of discoveries, of the outstanding buildings of their times. Ten walks can be made through Gallo-Roman, medieval, renaissance, Bourbon, revolutionary, Napoleonic, 1900, 1930, and post-war Paris, all hidden within the composite fabric of the city.

Christine Quéralt and Dominique Vidal dreamed of producing a guide that would make their passion for the history of Paris accessible to a wide public. Dominique Vidal, journalist with the Monde diplomatique, is the author of several works on the Near East.