Le Geste dans l’art

The Gesture in Art
Le Geste dans l’art

André Chastel
FOREIGN SALES: Italy (Laterza), Spain (Siruela), Czech Republic (Nakladatelsti)

Gesture in art so fascinated André Chastel that he devoted two years of seminars to this vast subject at the ‘College de France’. This book is for those who never had the opportunity of hearing him. The visible signs of non-verbal communication are decoded through specific examples from antiquity to the Renaissance. The pointed finger, the gesture/attribute, the sign of silence… But rather than citing them all here, why not let yourself be guided by this brilliant expert.

The celebrated art historian André Chastel (1912-1990) was a professor at the Sorbonne and the Collège de France, a member of the French “Institut”, and the author of numerous works, particularly on the art of the Italian Renaissance.

  • Published on mars 1st, 2008
  • 96 pages


“His decoding of visual signs is satisfying to us.”

Art Press

 “Art may perhaps abound in gestures, but it is none the easier to decipher for all that. There are codes that give access to the significance of the gesture. But one still needs to have the key.”