La Huitième colline

The Eighth Hill
La Huitième colline

Louis Carzou

Marriage and children… that’s the fate that has always been considered obvious for the young Turkish journalist, Sibel, by her very traditional parents and elder brother. But there’s nothing ‘obvious’ about it for Sibel who wonders what she can possibly have to pass on to another generation. It seems to her the question will go forever unanswered until the day when her grandmother, feeling her life ebbing away, summons the entire family to her bedside in her house at the gates of Anatolia. She makes a strange request : to convert to the Muslim faith before she dies. Some think she’s losing her mind : everyone in the family has always been Muslim… But she keeps Sibel by her side and, as they keep vigil together through the night, she reveals her secret. A Christian Armenian, at the age of one she was rescued from the genocide by Sibel’s great-grandfather, a young doctor. This discovery of roots she’d never suspected is about to give Sibel the answer she had no longer hoped to find…

Louis Carzou, born in 63, is a French journalist of Armenian extraction, and associate editor-in-chief of the news channel LCI.

  • Published on mars 1st, 2006
  • 176 pages


« Lisez vite La Huitième colline, excellent premier roman […] qui prouve, mieux qu’un discours politique, en quoi la reconnaissance de ce génocide sera un acte de respect de l’État turc envers les Turcs eux-mêmes. » Elle