Requiem pour un poisson

Requiem for a fish
Requiem pour un poisson

Christine Adamo
FOREIGN SALES: Netherlands (De Geus), Italy (Effemme), China (Alpha Books)

A fish. But not just any fish. Perhaps the missing link between land and sea. It was thought to have become extinct yet here it is again in South Africa in 1938 in the nets of a fisherman. Is this really it? The coelacanth? The find unleashes passions and jealousies in the scientific world. To be the first to trace back to the origins of mankind, one would steal, cheat, lie or spy. And, perhaps, kill? Between Africa and the Cormores, the Comores and Celebes, London and Paris, does the world of academe read more like a thriller than an ichthyological treatise? The reader will be in no doubt in this skillful mix of fiction and reality.

Christine Adamo, a university lecturer and researcher specialised in scientific information, took part in the establishment of a nature reserve for the coelacanth. Requiem pour un poisson is her first novel.

  • Published on janvier 1st, 2005
  • 400 pages


« A novel full of both topicality and substance… » Le Canard enchaîné
« With her flowing style, Ms Adamo distills what amounts to a scientific treatise, giving it the thrill of a Gothic novel. » Le Figaro
« A brilliant thriller, fast-paced and wonderfully constructed. » Play Boy
« After Fred Vargas, here’s a new talent in the field of the thriller recruited from the pool of scientists. » Zurban