La Médecine au temps des pharaons

Medicine in the Age of the Pharaohs
La Médecine au temps des pharaons

Bruno Halioua
FOREIGN SALES: USA (Harvard University Press), Egypt (Supreme Council of Culture), Italy (Dedalo), Czech Republic (Vysehrad)

Man’s mastery of art and architecture learned on the banks of the Nile is a subject of continual fascination. But how did he master illness? How, beyond the use of magic, did he practice medicine and surgery? Bruno Halioua addresses these questions in a well-documented and fascinating work.

Bruno Halioua is a dermatologist and lecturer in the history of medicine at the University of Paris IV.  A former head of clinic at the Paris school of medicine, a post-graduate in contemporary history, and a member of the French society of the history of medicine, he is the author of Science et conscience, of Blouses blanches, étoiles jaunes, and of La Médecine au temps des Hébreux, and has been translated in the United States (Harvard UP), Egypt (Supreme Council of Culture), Italy (Dedalo), and the Czech Republic (Vysehrad).

  • Published on octobre 2nd, 2002
  • 288 pages


« A very accessible synthesis. » La Recherche
« The author skillfully handles humour and the art of the storyteller. While it reads like a novel, his book is among the most accurate. » L’Histoire