Léonard ou les sciences de la peinture

Leonardo Da Vinci
Léonard ou les sciences de la peinture

André Chastel
FOREIGN SALES: Czech Republic (Nakladatelsti), Italy (Abscondita)

Leonardo Da Vinci is without doubt the most fascinating of Renaissance artists since he put as much genius into his life as into his work. Impossible to pigeonhole, his mind always on the alert, he invented games and war machines, studied anatomy and astronomy, wrote poems and scientific treatises. But, as Chastel notes, these numerous activities never distracted him from what was for him most important: painting, the only art capable of embracing the imaginary and the real.
A portrait of the artist through a collection of three texts:
‘Leonardo, the Man’ (1952)
‘The Limits of Leonardo’s Scientific Knowledge’ (1982)
‘Painting and Science’ (1991)


  • Published on novembre 1st, 2002
  • 96 pages