Comment lui dire adieu

How to Say Goodbye
Comment lui dire adieu

Cécile Slanka
Rights sold :Italy (Kowalski), Germany (Aufbau), Spain (Ediciones 62), Korea (Shinwon Publishing), Finland (Avain)

Presented as a collection of « Dear John » letters, Comment lui dire adieu is an exercise in the style of Queneau. Romantic break-ups are approached from as many points of view as there are letters (men, women, celebrities…). Each letter – sometimes a simple note scribbled at the corner of a table – is given a title evocative of the letter-writer’s personality. With a razor-sharp sense of observation, Cécile Slanka produces a collection of cruel, tender, and often funny texts. A funny, offbeat gift-book for Saint Valentine’s Day – or any other time of year.

A post-graduate in literature (specialised in « Coffees and coffee shops in the French public and private sphere of the 18th century »), Cécile Slanka has worked as publisher manager for many websites and publications. In 2001, she joined the team of Unifrance, an organisation for the promotion of French cinema worldwide.She is putting the finishing touches to her next book Conduite en état de grossesse, a funny, sardonic, literary fantasy about a pregnant woman, her misgivings and those of others… Scheduled for release in October 2010.

  • Published on janvier 18th, 2007
  • 120 pages


« A sparkling work to be savoured like a glass of champagne. » VSD
“Cécile Slanka has concocted a manual, as facetious as can be, comprised solely of letters. We can’t necessarily suggest you follow its instructions, but we certainly recommend you read it.” Le Parisien
“A lovely exercise in style and humour which also turns out to be a mine of funny, cruel, and even… sweet ideas.” Biba
“… a little gem of inventiveness and humour.” Questions de femmes