Une Canaille et demie

Dogs eat dogs
Une Canaille et demie

Iain Levison
Original text in English
FOREIGN SALES: Germany (Matthes und Seitz), Netherlands (De Geus), Italy (Feltrinelli), UK and USA (Bitter Lemon Press)

What does an armed bank-robber (but a nice guy for all that) and an obscure university professor (who does nothing to hide his admiration for the Third Reich) have in common ? The little town of Tiburn, New Hampshire. The former surfaces there with a nasty wound and several thousand dollars he’s having trouble offloading. And it’s the town where the latter lives. He can hardly refuse the robber hospitality given that he’s just caught the professor in a compromising situation with a clearly underaged girl. Not very good grounds on which to base a friendship… All the more so as it’s not long before a female FBI agent turns up in Tiburn. But life according to Levison is always full of surprises.

« I was born is Aberdeen, Scotland in 1963 and came to the US in 1974.  After graduating high school, I returned to the UK to join the British Army.  Three years later, I returned to the US, where I have since worked as a truck driver, house painter, Alaskan crab fisherman and an Emergency Medical Technician.  I graduated from Villanova University in 1991 with a liberal arts degree, which has since turned out to be useless… »
Iain Levison‘s first novel Since the Layoffs (Soho Press, Un petit boulot in France) attracted much attention and has been published in Germany (Matthes und Seitz), Italy (Idea Libri) and The Netherlands (De Geus).

  • Published on septembre 7th, 2006
  • 240 pages


« In this novel told in the style of thriller, Iain Levison highlights the little shortcomings of humanity with humour. » Le Monde
« One leaves this book alarmed by the outcome but secretly delighted that someone has finally dared to tell the tale. » VSD
« Caustic and hilarious descriptions worthy of David Lodge. » Pages des Libraires