Noir austral

Antipodean Black
Noir austral

Christine Adamo
FOREIGN SALES: Netherlands (De Geus), Italy (Touring Editore)

Seventy thousand years B.C. The Aborigenes cross the Straits of Sunda to occupy the Antipodes. By taming nature and the spirits, they are to live there in all tranquility with just one enemy: the wild beasts. And this is how it remained until the arrival 72,000 years later of the Fish-Bellies, the Whites. The confrontation of the two ethnicities was to provoke an outpouring of violence and blood. An explosive cocktail which both groups are to inherit, sometimes without realising it. Such is the case for Liz, of French extraction. When she decides to leave for France on the trail of her mother, she is far from suspecting that Australia’s past is following her from Sydney.

Christine Adamo develops two parallel stories which come together in the end – that of Liz, the Franco-Australian heroine, and the story of the Aborigenes over several generations, with the mix of ethnicities, of customs and the clash with the colonists.

A thrilling voyage through the origins of man.

Christine Adamo is a university lecturer specialised in environmental sciences. Her first novel Requiem pour un poison (sold in the Netherlands, De Geus), well received by book sellers and journalists, and winner of the Prix Carrefour for a first novel, is simultaneously released in the Folio collection.

  • Published on avril 1st, 2006
  • 320 pages


“Noir Austral […] raises paleontology to the level of a thriller, brilliantly mixing a police investigation with the mystery of human evolution. As fascinating as it is informative…” Le Monde
“In her second novel, Christine Adamo offers a veritable voyage through space and time.” Lire
“Once again, Christine Adamo plays on alternating epochs, separated by several thousand years, to weave a scenario, as ambitious as it is fascinating, which effortlessly takes us back to the evolution of mankind.” France Soir